Be Still

I heard someone once say that God only has three answers when we pray to Him; Yes, No, and Wait. Waiting patiently is not the easiest thing to do especially when just about everything in life is catered towards convenience. Most people do not know how to wait. We live in a very anxious world where society teaches; time waits for no one and if you want something you have to take matters into your own hands.

The problem with this type of thinking is that the Bible contradicts this frame of mind! Psalms 46:10 says, “Be still and know that I am God!” The biblical definition of the phrase “to know” in this verse means to grasp as true beyond doubt! It means to have certainty in something. When we are still and know that He is…, we demonstrate our certainty that God is in full control of all situations.

I want to encourage you, as you walk with God on this journey practice the art of “Being Still”! When you begin to feel overwhelmed or uncertain remember be “Be Still and Know that He is!” He is our Friend, our Savior, and Comforter! He is the author and the finisher of your faith! Remember He is in full control of your situation! Be encouraged you serve a Mighty God!

The best is yet to come!

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